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    With a name like Debris, a store may easily be assumed to deal in leftover pieces, fragments or even throwaways. Concept-wise Debris works like an antique mall, but when you use that term, people imagine a junk store. To the pleasant surprise of shoppers unaware, however, Debris is quite the opposite. The word ‘debris’ in French quite literally means ‘garbage’, but it’s short, easy to remember and seems romantic. It’s an upscale showroom with a tongue-in-cheek name. This well-appointed antique showroom in the Dallas Design District offers the finest antiques the city has to offer. Debris’ customers keep coming again and again to discover what is in a name.


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    Antique Design

    Antique Design Solutions in Dallas At Debris we specialize in helping you create and design rooms filled with antiques...

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    Antiques Dallas

    Debris Antiques in Dallas Debris is your choice for the finest European Antique furniture, art, and accessories in the...

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